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Working Women's dilemma: Bedroom or Playroom


Life has so many complications and phases to deal with, there are times when you are at the top of the world and there are times when you have to repeatedly taste mud. There are also times when you have to make choices. Choices are very much complicated, it can be the case where all the options that you have hold importance. They need your heed and concern; you land up in a pool of dilemmas. 

What should you do, where should you go, and who should you look up to. Multiple questions exhaust and hallucinate your mind, your feverish brains need that cool icy pack to relax and stay upfront. Let us discuss one common dilemma a working woman would experience- Bedroom or Playroom.

These two rooms hold a great amount of significance in a woman's life especially if she is a working woman. A bedroom signifies that room where a woman is with her herself, a woman is with thoughts; a woman is with her husband. A bedroom may also mean a woman's newly born baby's room. On the other hand, a playroom is that room where her kids' sleep, play, study and learn. So where is the problem? The problem is when the lady needs to choose between the two.

Actually, it can be said that the problem is also the fact that she cannot even choose between the two. There are going to be times when both will need the same amount of attention at the same time. If you have two kids, one being three months old and the other 3-4 years old, it is evident that one will sleep with you at night in your bedroom and the other in his bedroom. Your elder child's room is not only his bedroom; it is also his study room as well as playroom. 

Being a working woman you will definitely have lesser time to give to your kids, so it will be a tough ask for you to choose between your kids as to who to give the maximum time. Now the best option her is to give your younger one a little more time and at the same time let your husband give time to the elder one, this way you would not have to worry about your kids. Your elder child will get the best out of his mother and father and the younger will definitely get nutritious amount of care required from his mother.

You must try and make all your off days a treat for your kids, because that is when you will get the maximum amount of time to spend with them. You can always discuss things and stuff about yours and your husband's life with him at night, but your kids will need help in their studies, activities and games, that you can always give them on your off days and whenever you are free. It is not the question of priority here; it is more about and time management and doing things wisely and smartly. The dilemma of bedroom and playroom can be easily tackled then.

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