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Steal worthy kitchen ideas


Whatever we earn, we earn so that we can eat food, live in a house and wear proper clothes. The surplus is our luxury. Most importantly, without food survival is impossible. Devi Annapurna, the goddess of food, as per Hinduism, has blessed us with nutritious and healthy food to eat. Kitchen is that part of our homes where we cook our food. Therefore, this place deserves maximum attention from us, here are some steal worthy ideas to make your kitchen wonderful: 

1. The lightings in your kitchen should be bright but efficient at the same time, so using CFL and LED lamps would be of great help. 

2. Ceiling of the kitchen should not be white, prefer using deep shades. The smoke produced after cooking will darken white ceilings. 

3. Using small but efficient exhaust fans will help a lot. They drive the smoke out quickly. 

4. Get good quality plug points for your hand mixer, microwave and chimney. They eliminate chances of short circuit. 

5. The plug points should not be more than at a height of 4 feet. The average height woman will find it easy to work. 

6. There should be walls with tiles around the gas stove, this makes cleaning them easy. 

7. As per vastu shastra your kitchen should be in the south east direction of your home, for the believers, this will prove beneficial for your health. 

8. Spare gas pipe for emergency is a must. The old gas pipes have the tendency to malfunction. 

9. Strong cabinet hardware which have sliding gates to save you some generous space. 

10. Separate shelves for all types of plates, so that it doesn't become a hassle. 

11. Use black granite for the cooking area; it doesn't get dirty that easily. 

12. Round edge for all the tables and shelves, pointed edges might hurt you if you are in a hurry. 

13. Oil painting is better than physic paint because it doesn't come off with washes. 

14. Make the color of walls bright, you will need energy to cook. Dull interiors take away your energy soon. 

15. Always have an induction cook top for back up; sometimes your gas supply may give you a tough time. 

16. Have a towel holder at your disposal. Clean your face, hands when you are sweaty. You won't have to rush to the living room every now and then 

17. Have two types of kitchen sinks, generally used ones are stainless steel and cast iron. Helps you in times of drainage blockage. 

18. Emergency lights and candles would be of great help to you during power cuts, keep them near. 

19. Keep a note pad to track your stock. You won't have to rush to the super market every time a guest comes home 

20. Kitchen cleaning products should never get out of stock, you will otherwise have to put even more efforts to clean.

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