Instant Mood Busters


1) Hangover Dehydrator: Where hangover can make you look dry and tired, a tinted moisturizer with loads of mascara and some highlighter on the high points can make you look revived and rejuvenated with all the high spirits. 

2)When you have just got dumped: Swollen eyes that reveal your grief also hide your beauty. A look with loads of mascara over smoky eyes with corresponding eyeliner and nude lip color can make you look amazing and not as in setback.

3) When you are sick: Application of makeup when you are sick transforms bacteria into your product making it all the way more unusable therefore, soothing skin with little application of hydrating mask and rosewater application. 

4) After you have had a rough day at office: Some days mark really hard in office and place an impact on your face, here is how you can terminate and have no compromises with your makeup suggestion. Pump your skin with dew and glow and then apply your favorite gloss to even the tone makes you look refreshed and elegant.

5) Case Of Mondays: Better use of makeup can make you perk up your looks when weekend gets at halt and you seem not just to get on. Make yourself look better with a bright pop lip color and little skin tint, creme blush and lot of mascara to its betterment and complement your lip hue. 

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