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Ideas to make small flat look spacious


You have just moved in to your new 2 BHK apartment. Yes, it is small in terms of size, but that does not necessarily mean, that will make you feel cramped. In India maximum people have flats which are around 1000-1050 square feet. There is a game of perspectives and space that can help you cull out more room. We have some easy tricks to help you create that extra square feet, here they are: 

1. Create that extra space: Do not buy unnecessary furniture. There are items like the console which can be made really thin. Try keeping your sofa in the living room instead of your bed room. Try and angle your bed too.

2. Select colors which are light: Dark colors might look design friendly but it is better to go with light colors, as dark colors make a room appear smaller than pale colors. Dark colors take things far away from your perspective whereas light or pale colors bring them closer to you.

3. Get multifunction products: Furniture which has multiple uses will help you cut down your purchases on different furniture for every need. Like a sofa cum bed helps you save space of a bed. A bean bag also serves the purpose well 

4. Mirrors will help you increase the size of rooms: Mirrors are the most effective way of instantly making the room appear larger. You can certainly have one or two extra of them. It is not necessary to create a salon around.

5. Collapsible furniture will serve you well: Get dining tables which when not in use can be collapsed. Collapsible chair for your reading table will also help. This way you can utilize space very well by small home interior design.

6. Color contrasting and highlighting: Contrasting same line of colors will help you expand the size of a room. Like the combination of white, off white and beige will be fantastic.

7. Have large windows and keep them undraped: Let your large windows not have a blockage of view due to the curtains. This will make you feel your house has got plenty of depth.

8: Dispose of the things which are underused or unused: Make way for some space, things which have been unused for a year or so, dump them. Keep things which you use frequently. Organize your storage well.

9. Avoid unnecessary detailing: It is very best to avoid unnecessary details. Do not uselessly use ruffles for your furniture. Keep your window pane simple. Minimal styling makes room appear very big in size and space.

10. Height of the furniture and chandelier: It is obvious that if you use furniture which is short in size and also a chandelier or fans which are short in size, the room will automatically look bigger.

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