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Genius makeovers that you can do in a day


Don't let your house look old and boring. Try some exciting makeovers to add that lovely appeal to your house. We will guide you through 20 makeovers which will make your house look stunning! Here you go: 

1. Move all the unnecessary stools and chairs to your store room. Let your living room have minimalistic furniture, make it more breathable. 

2. Try flipping your rug, only, if the other side actually has some fantastic look to add to the flooring. 

3. Get those packed frames out from the carton. Let them stay on the wall, they will freshen up things 

4. Get rid of the junk around the slate. Let it stay clean 

5. Clean up all the dust particles in the floor and the spider webs from the wall. A clean house is healthy, always. 

6. Change the color of your lamps. The white color is monotonous, try something colorful. 

7. Change your mirror from one wall to the other. Let the angle be different this time around. 

8. The chest can be changed from your drawing room to your living room. It will utilize the space better this way. 

9. The table lamps do not have a fixed position to be placed on. Try keeping them on the chest. That is something more stylish. 

10. Taking out or adding up a few links to your chandelier will change its height. It will change the overall perspective of your hall. 

11. Change the position of the sofas and the coffee table. A shift will work well. It won’t even consume much time. 

12. If you have a spare set of sofa covers, you definitely shuffle been the two. It gives your sofa a new look every day. 

13. Go out to the market, buy a few cheap decorative like paintings, frames etc. It will take very little time to do it. 

14. Change the door and window curtains if you have an extra set. If you don't you can purchase them and keep them for future use. 

15. Throw the old artificial flowers, buy new ones. Let the colors come alive. Flowers will affect the overall presence of your house. 

16. You can also shuffle the clocks between your rooms. This is quite handy as it changes overall looks of your room. 

17. You can change the cutlery set on your dining table with the new ones. New plates and serving sets will give the dining table a new look. 

18. Shifting the bed and wardrobes, provided they are movable ones, can change the looks of your room instantly. 

19. Changing the covers of your pillows, bed and cushion! Obviously, the most certain thing that you can do! Simple and effective. 

20. If your wall is old, the paint looks a bit worn out; you can try throwing in some colors yourself. Get a few brushes, foam and paint and let your inner artist come out! 

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