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Best Living Room Ideas


Your living room is that place in your house where you like to spend maximum of your time. It is rational to give your living room s better furnished layout. Here are a few helpful ideas which will bring the best out of your living room: 

1. Mix modern and traditional furniture and concepts together. Like an old vintage sofa with a modern coffee table. 

2. Divide your living room in different sectors, one which is ultra modern, one which contemporary, once which is simple. See different places together. 

3. If you are laidback person, then try and keep things minimal to give you a relaxed look. 

4. Make your living room a mini gallery by adding a few paintings and pictures. 

5. Get some historic elements like an old trunk to get that classy look. 

6. Antiques are big time classics, if you can afford a few, go for them. 

7. Keep it open and spacious. The furniture should have a good amount of space between them. 

8. Make it unorthodox by using abstract materials like a stone chimney. 

9. Have a small fireplace with a classic mantel. 

10. Let some light come in, get curtains which are translucent. Do not block natural light from coming in. 

11. Get some natural elements like green plants to decorate your living room. It will always look fresh. 

12. Get some bold prints for your sofa covers to make them more appealing. 

13. Utilize each and every space to get the maximum utilization. A few shelves here and there will help. 

14. Mirrors give very royal look to your living room. Use them appropriately. 

15. Decorate your living room with pictures of your loved ones. 

16. Use magnets on the steel portions. Magnets having pictures or messages will look attractive. 

17. A little bit of patriotism to show your love for the nation will also make your living room attractive. 

18. Use handicrafts effectively, they look picturesque. 

19. Use different color accents to match with your furniture. 

20. Paint your living room with the color that suits your personality. 

21. Texture painting is also wonderful; it shows the creative side of you. 

22. False ceiling helps to get some beautiful lights fixed. They add appeal. 

23. Use a grand chandelier to show your royal side. 

24. Fans which give you good air as well as sophisticated looks should be chosen. 

25. If you are a lover of the abstract choose geometric or printed pattern for your sofa cloth. 

26. Showcase your antique collection with plenty of pride in your living room. 

27. Create a separate corner. 

28. Add style and elegance to your living room by getting in the best curtains. 

29. If you want variations you can frequently change the wallpapers. 

30. Get the most suitable wall clock. It should suit the overall theme of your living room.

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