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Best Flooring Ideas


Some people have always had a fantasy of having wonderful flooring at their homes. Why shouldn't one have such amazing flooring? It's after all a onetime affair. Your feet deserve heaven to walk upon. So why not give them a soulful treat. We have looked around for the best flooring ideas to make your house look stunning. This list will tell you which flooring you should go for: 

1. Ancient patchwork floor tiles for your bathroom: Let your bathroom look a little vintage style. Tiles having imprints of history will look amazing. 

2. Natural wood flooring: Flooring having natural polished woods will give you the feeling of walking in amidst nature! 

3. Monochrome flooring as per your bathroom's overall scheme: Get an overall black and white theme for your bathroom from the floor to the fittings. Add a touch of class! 

4. Mosaic flooring: The ones who want to save a bit and also give your abode s contemporary look, you can try out the mosaic flooring. 

5. Old school style tiles: Tiles which look very simple and outdated can be used to balance out you’re oh so vibrant house. It will neutralize the overall colors 

6. Geometrical flooring or parquet flooring: The geometrical style of flooring has a certain distinct element of elegance about it. Try some zigzag pattern! 

7. Rug and floor: You can also completely cover your floor with a rug. There are millions of designs that you can choose from. 

8. Carpet flooring: If rug is not your cup of tea go ahead with completely covering your floor with a carpet. Add some zest to your flooring like room painting ideas. 

9. Graphic lines and flooring: Some super bright colors and graphic lines can make the interior look like heaven. It will go best with your living room

10. Vitrified tiles flooring: Get vitrified flooring if marble is a little out of budget for you. It is the best option for substituting marble. 

11. Recycled wood flooring: Teakwood floors are amazing to walk on, the add elegance and class to your flooring 

12. Maple wood flooring: It is a little different than teak wood flooring. This is shinier and is a little high on the price tag. 

13. Marble flooring! How can you miss marble flooring, if nothing goes with your flooring, marbles are the last resort, always! You can use them everywhere in your home. 

14. Granite flooring: If you want that palace type feeling and are ready to spend more, go for granite flooring, they are rock solid and long lasting 

15. Normal cementing: If everything seems too mainstream, go ahead with cement flooring with some abstract patterns. These are also very cheap and very easy to fix 

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