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Best fast, cheap and easy decorating ideas


Home is where the heart is! Everybody wants their home to be beautiful and soothing. Whenever you come back from office you do not want to see your house dirty with things lying out of place. One also doesn't want to come back and see a dull home with an aura that of poor energy, we have some brilliant ideas which are cheap, fast and easy to decorate your house: 

1. Change your lamp shades to new ones. Lamp shades which are fresh and contemporary in style will give new life to your house's lighting. 

2. Painting has always been the best makeover to your house. Avoid getting your house painted in dull colors. Add some bright colors and textures to your walls. 

3. Change your window and door curtains, these draperies will add up vibrancy to your windows and doors. If possible you can also change the rods. 

4. Strike out two or even three contrasting colors to the walls of your rooms. Even the new style of texture painting will add life to your walls. 

5. Change your wall clocks. Your time is definitely changing; therefore, why not change the clocks too! These are cheap and can turn things around in no time. 

6. Redoing your accessories will help. You should keep shuffling your accessories here and there. This way you are not spending any extra sum of money 

7. You can try changing all your paintings from one wall to the other. Again so easy! 

8. Getting a few frames would not cost you much, so take some lovely family pictures and get them framed. 

9. Some artificial flowers will give a fresh new look to your house. You can also try placing some real plants in your verandah. They are cheap and very healthy for your respiratory system. 

10. Replace the old school tube lights with some exciting new box lamps or if you can spend on one, then a chandelier. 

11. A few inexpensive frames will give a new look to your walls. They are easy to fix and available at the local carpenter's store. 

12. An aquarium having a few beautiful fishes will bring positivity and some newness to your house. 

13. Purchase some inexpensive stuff from online flea markets like the one offered on shopclues.com. You can get a few products at throwaway prices. 

14. A few magnets for your refrigerator won't cost you much. It will give some cool look to your kitchen as well. 

15. Aroma candles are also very cheap and it is a brilliant idea to get a few of them! The house will smell like heaven. 

16. Changing the carpets of your living room or bed room, will make the flooring look completely new. Carpets are easy to set. 

17. Changing the rugs and door mats, also change the appearance just outside the doors of your rooms. You can get good ones at economical prices. 

18. Bring in some spirituality; get good incense sticks and fresh flowers for the deity. It also keeps your praying room neat. 

19. You can replace the drawer pulls in your kitchen, room bathroom. It gives an overall good look to your furniture. 

20. For the lover of antics, get a few statues or vintage plates or some old paintings, it will make your house look a little classier! 

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