10 habits of a confident woman

1. Strong sense of self: Confident women know what they want, what they like and what they don't. These women have had plenty of experiences, which led them understand their own selves. 2. There is a personal boundary: Confident modern women do not mix up with every person that they come across, but that doesn't mean that they have a high ego. It is only that they know where to draw the line. 3. Past is just a teacher for them: Such women do not live in their past. They move on. They move on taking lessons from these past experiences. For them building their future is more important. 4. These women chase their goals and dreams: Confident women have goals and dreams. They dream big. They work hard to fulfill them. Such women are always ahead of others. 5. Mistakes are learning opportunities for them: Confident women do not cry over their mistakes. They rather learn from them. Mistakes teach us ways to be better the next time around. Failure does not mean “the end”; it is rather the beginning for a better tomorrow. 6. Try new and better things: Women who are about themselves are never afraid of trying new things. Such people love to experiment whether it is good, accessories, clothes and so many other things. 7. Risks are meant for confident people: The higher is the risk, the higher is the reward. Confident people know how to take risks. They know that there is victory over the fears. Only such women succeed in the long run. 8. Such people know how to be alone: Confident women do not always need company. They are not timid; they have their thoughts to dwell in. They are their best critics. Such women are also their own best friends. 9. Caring for own selves: Confident women know how to take care of themselves. They do not rely on others to come and help them in the dark hours. Exercises, healthy food, good sleep and others, they understand it very well. 10. Lift the moral of others: Such people boost others; they do not point out their weaknesses and make them feel vulnerable. They know how to console and counsel others. These ladies understand people around, their needs etc.

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