Ways To keep Your Body Fit With Food


1) Always have your meal on time Not only having 3 times of meal a day but also having meal on time is a good habit and also helpful in maintaining your body. The habit of skipping your meal is even worse then before, don't care even if it's dinner what, just try to have your food right on time.

2) Eat happily Showing attitude while eating, a bad habit. The thing you should do is to eat happily with your family and don't think of outside food. Family meal you will find it more good and helpful in growing your body without even a workout routine.

3) Stop eating junk food Crisps, coca-cola , and pizza a day and thinking of getting a good body doesn't seem cool. Skip these junk things from your daily diet routine and bring some vegetables and fruits it and believe me you will find yourself in heaven after some time. It will help you out maintaining your brain as well which will be helpful for you in daily work routines.

4) An apple a day keeps doctor away Wake up early in the morning , drink at least 3-4 glass of water before eating anything and then eat an apple. A very old saying if you remember is "An apple a day, keeps doctor away". Make it your habit to east at least one apple early in the morning before having your breakfast.

5) Dry fruits vs Fresh fruits Both ideas are good, not only fresh fruit is human body need but dry fruit as well. Wherever you go and whenever you go along with your bananas and apples try to keep a pack of peanuts as well.

6) Consult your dietitian and visit him once a week These are the guys know us more than us, at least once in a month or rather once in a week we should visit our dietitian or physician and ask for better advices. Don't feel lazy to visit him just leave your bed and go to him, these guys are there so we people can live happily and healthy, routine check up is necessary and I recommend this.

7) Relax and Sleep One of the most important things, one should have a sound and good sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. One should make a routine to sleep and the best time to sleep at night which I suggest is between 10 PM to 5 Am in the morning. Also give your body 1:30 to 2 hours of sleep during day.

8) Turn daily activities into exercise One should enjoy everything he / she does in daily routine, try to have fun in everything and try to make everything your workout. For example by walking in the street start feeling like you are jogging and your feet getting stronger by walking. Inhale and exhale your breath during your work in day, no matter sitting on the work or chair or wherever. Just try to be happy and have fun in everything and say good bye to "sadness". This is the most important part to live healthy and fit. 

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