Easy Ways To Get Attractive Body


1.Make changes in your habbits If you think Getting a Healthy General Body is easy and required not much from you, you should think again. To achieve a healthy body one should not be lazy or depressed minded. Along with good food and exercise (We will mention later) making a time table of your daily activities is required, try to wake up early in the morning and to sleep early in the night. The best time to sleep at night is between 10 PM to 5 AM, this change is required in your daily activity whether you have to do something or not just try to wake up early in the morning. This change in your habbits you will surely find it helpful and you will see better transformation of your mind which is helpful building a good general healthy body.

2.Morning Exercise Once you have started waking up early in the morning then morning exercise should be included in your time table. I not recommend any kind of heavy or time consuming exericse but I recommend to start with three basic and very profitable exercises Swimming, Jogging and Rope Skipping. You can skip the rope skipping part in the start but the first two Swimming and Jogging can not be skipped in order to get a perfect body. Once your body is used to these exercises you can slowly increase the timing and number, for example in start 10 to 20 minutes of Swimming, 10 to minutes of Jogging most prefferably 1 to 3 miles and 10 minutes of rope skip. 

3. Stay Away from Junk Food and Eat time to time If you are reading this article and have pizza in your hand you probably gonna throw it out. I will not only recommend to eat healthy food but eating time to time will also be part of this topic. There are many possibilities that you are eating healthy food and having good diet but it doesn't seem to work for you, it doesn't seem to give you any benefit. This mostly happen because of the time table and routine you might be eating good food but you are eating it on wrong time then it is of no use. For example here is a simple time table or routine to have meal of the day Breakfast between 5 AM to 7:30 AM Lunch between 1 PM to 2:30 PM Dinner Between 7 PM to 8:30 PM 

4. Don't see yourself in the Mirror This is very important to mention if we are talking about good healthy and general body we must have to wait for the right time and right effort, changes can be seen only on right time. The best way of realizing change in your body that I recommend is don't see yourself in the mirror on daily basis and try to do this once in a week more prefferable if you wanna realize is the diet plan and workout you have started working or not? you should see your self in the mirror after 1 month you will realize the true tranformation and true change in your body.

5. What should be the last thing ? Once you have all the above mentioned tips in your time table or To Do List and once your body is used to them I would like to mention some begginer's workout routine for you here. I would never recommend you to start to early but first wait untill your body is used to the above mentiond tips. Here is the routine for better transformation of your body and this routine should be done 5 days a week and 30 minutes to 1 hour / per day.

1. Swimming, Jogging , Rope Skippping (10 to 20 Minutes) 

2. Standard Push Ups and variations 

3 sets of Standard Pushups 5 to 10 in each set. 3 sets of decline and 3 sets of incline push ups 5 to 10 in each set.

4. 3 sets of squats 10 to 15 in each set and 3 sets of lounges 10 to 15 in each set. 

5. Abs workout crunches 3 sets and 10 in each, Leg Raise 3 sets and 10 in each, Hip Raise 3 sets 15 in each. 

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