Easy Ways For Building Muscles


1.Increase your workout time Thinking of Gaining high muscles on your body and doing the same workout routine doesn't sound cool. The first rule of gaining muscles on your body is to increase the time of your workout and number of exercises try to spend more time on gym and concentrate on one part of muscles a day. For example on Monday if you do chest then concentrate on all chest muscles that day while on the other hand don't do chest on any other day in that specific week. Giving 1 to 2 hour to one muscle of the body seems the great idea and can be helpful in increasing your body muscles.

2. Diet Plan Change in your diet plans is required if you have increased you workout time, Women require between 1800 and 2000 calories per day and if you are spending more time in gym than before mean you might be burning 300 to 500 calories and you need to eat more than before as well. Increase in diet plans is another key to gain good and big muscles on your body.

3. Challenge yourself This is the most important step that I recommend to throw yourself or put yourself in a challenge. Think of a time in your mind or set a time clock and start your current set of repitions, after you are done see in clock for how much time did that set take and try to do next step for more time than the previous one. For example if first if you do standard push ups 15 reps in one set and it took 20 seconds try to do the same next time in less than 20 seconds. Not only in growing big muscles but this will also help you to increase strength in your body. 

4. Go Hard or go Home If you visit any street workout gym or any professionals workout place you will find this sentence often "Go hard or go Home". Lifting heavy weight is one the important steps if you are looking to gain big muscles try to increase wight after every completion of 3 sets and for more better results what I suggest is "15 minutes of extreme workout" after every workout a day with heavy weights and you will find it helpful.

5. Mirror Tells the truth Don't believe on any one other except th mirror, it says Mirror Says it all, what does that mean? The most often tip i give every person is to don't look your self in the mirror on daily basis you will not be able to realize the change in your self if you are looking your self daily in the mirror to realize the change. I am not saying that don't look your self in mirror while you are doing workout, of course you should look in the mirror while you are doing your workout to see if you are doing it right or not but to see the change in your self to realize the change in your self you will only be able if you look your self after a week or twice.

6. Junk food can destroy it. If you are doing all the workout perfect and not seeing result then what ? are you doing something wrong . This might be your diet plan, yeah if you are doing your workout perfectly and having junk food in your diet plans then that workout is of no use. Proper food and proper workout routine is the key to gain muscles in your body.

7. are you doing it right ? This is the step where mirror or your instructor plays a very important role, you doing a workout of specific muscle you should look up in the mirror while doing the reps to see if the specific exercise is affecting your muscles or not. Make sure you ask your instructor and don't do it wrong that can result in negative ways. Doing your exercise proper and right will only give your positive results. Don't be shy to ask your seniors in case if you don't have any instructor.

8. Lets make a routine The conclusion of all steps is to make a perfect routine, the most important thing I emphasize on is to make a time table and perfect routine in order to gain something from your workout. It is of no use if you do workout one day and giving your self rest of next three or four days OR you doing 1 hour of workout one and the next day workout time is decreased. No! you should be increasing time instead of decreasing and this is the thing you will get through making a time table. 

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