10 ways to keep your career when you are moving for family reasons


Things are not very easy for many of us when we are shifting from one place to other. There are many reasons of shifting too, it might be due to the official transfer of a family member, or it might also be due to marriage, there are other reasons also. Many things change after shifting. If you are a working woman, then one thing which gets hampered is your professional life. Finding a good job is not an easy thing, if you get one, shifting from city to other will disrupt it. There is no guarantee of getting another good job in the other city too. You have to try and manage your career while moving along with your family, here are a few tips that will let you keep your career during geographical changes:  

1. The choice at the beginning: At the time when you are about to get a job, or when you are about to join a company; why not make a provision with them of shifting from one place to the other. Your employers might consider giving you a vacancy in your new place of residence. 

2. Search for another work: You must be knowing beforehand that your family is going to shift, therefore, why not start searching or applying for a new job in the new place. This will not disrupt your career. You would not have to sit back at home.

3. Alternative career: There are chances that you might not get a same job at the new place of residence. It is okay. You can also apply for an alternative career. You can use your knowledge and skills a little differently if you want.

4. Honing skills: If you are going to shift with your family for a long period of time and you know it from day one, then why not hone a new set of skills. It is never too late to learn new things . This will be a great career boost. 

5. Home based work: It would be a great boon if you have a home based work. This will never ever create a dilemma for you before shifting your place of residence. You will always be able to work no matter where you stay.

6. Applying for working in the branch of the company: If you want to work for one particular company and it also has its branch in your new place of stay, then go ahead and apply for it. Chances are high that you will be rewarded with the work.

7. Weekends with family: If your family is not going very far from your original place of stay, then you can also opt for during throughout the week and go back. This will be hectic but won't let your work stop.

8. Same line but different work: A CA can work as a tax consultant. He can also work as a finance manager. So if you have such qualifications then go for the other segment of work.

9. Keep your network alive: Even if you do not get work initially, always keep your network with previous colleagues alive. It might be helpful later on.

10. Work for free: If you do not have any work, then don't sit back at home. Rather go out and volunteer. It will keep you in practice.

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